The Marco Polo Rewards Loyalty Programme

Terms and Conditions


  1. The Marco Polo Rewards loyalty programme (“the programme”) is a Reward Programme operated by The Marco Polo.
  2. Only persons who are 18 years or older are eligible to sign up for The Marco Polo Rewards card (“the card”). Juristic, excluded and self-excluded persons may not participate in the programme.
  3. Valid positive and acceptable forms of identification will be required. Photographic images of cardholders may be required for inclusion into the bingo gaming system. Copies of each of these documents will be retained by The Marco Polo.
  4. The Marco Polo Rewards loyalty programme reserves the right, amongst other rights, to amend card status or withdraw cards at its sole discretion. In addition, The Marco Polo Rewards loyalty programme, reserves the right to suspend or terminate programme participation where cardholders are in breach of the terms and conditions, including but not limited to, qualification criteria.
  5. The card status is determined by the cardholder’s activity in all aspects of the programme. It is the cardholder’s responsibility to insert the card into electronic gaming devices.
  6. The card remains the property of The Marco Polo Rewards loyalty programme and it reserves the right to levy a fee to replace lost, stolen or damaged cards.
  7.  Programme participation, rewards and benefits are not transferable. Cards are limited to one per person.
  8. Specific terms and conditions apply to individual rewards, benefits and special offers. Furthermore, The Marco Polo reserves the right without consultation with cardholders or any prior approval thereof, to amend the terms and conditions for programme participation, including but not limited to alliance with other programmes. Equally rewards, benefits, points earned, special offers, awards, expiry periods and rates at which points are earned may be amended.
  9. The Marco Polo Rewards shall not be liable for any loss of value or points from cards in any manner and howsoever arising. Cardholders are required to safeguard their cards, points and any other value linked to the cards against loss, theft or fraudulent use. In the event of loss or theft of a card, the cardholder concerned should notify The Marco Polo Rewards loyalty programme by visiting the Customer Service Desk immediately in person.
  10. Cardholders are required to present their cards together with a positive and acceptable form of identification when utilizing their card for transactions and claiming of prizes, special offers or redeeming of vouchers.
  11. Complimentary services are extended to one cardholder at the The Marco Polo’s discretion.
  12. Members are required to notify The Marco Polo Rewards loyalty programme of any changes in address or personal details, either in writing or in person at the Customer Service Desk.
  13. Cardholders without any activity in areas of the programme that generate points earning for a significant period of time will not be considered for special offers and benefits. In addition, programme participation may be terminated accordingly.
  14. Further terms, conditions and rules may be applicable from time to time, which will be specific to the promotional offering. Cardholders may visit The Marco Polo Rewards loyalty programme for the latest terms, conditions and rules that may be applicable to the programme and specific promotional offers.
  15. Cardholders may elect not to be included in The Marco Polo Rewards loyalty programme’s marketing communications list by opting out at any time by clicking on unsubscribe in email communication or replying STOP to opt out of SMS communication. A reasonable period should be allowed for The Marco Polo to give effect to aforementioned opt-out request; hence the cardholder may receive marketing communication during the transitional period.
  16. The Marco Polo reserves the right to alter, amend or cancel the programme at any time with prior notice. In addition, the use of points and/or benefits may be suspended from time to time with notice thereof.
  17. The Marco Polo will be recording information relating to the cardholder each time the card is utilised for gambling purposes. The recorded information, which may not necessarily reflect an accurate record of actual monies won, lost or used for gambling purposes, will be utilised by The Marco Polo to reward cardholders accordingly and to further obtain and process information for historical, statistical and research purposes. Such information will be retained for a period that is appropriate to serve the legitimate business interests of The Marco Polo Rewards loyalty programme.
  18. Programme participants provide express consent to The Marco Polo for the processing and further processing of their personal and special personal information for lawful purposes as set out in Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013, to enable The Marco Polo to sign up participants to The Marco Polo Rewards loyalty programme and manage the functions associated. Refer to The Marco Polo Privacy Policy for information regarding personal information collected from participants, including the purpose for which information is collected and the further processing of participants’ personal information. Requests for the deletion, amendment or updating of personal information should be made in writing by the data subject.
  19. Programme participants indemnify and hold harmless, The Marco Polo, its management and employees against any legal action, claim or suit, including but not limited to non-compliance in respect of consent requirements.
  20. Employees of The Marco Polo, Tsogo Sun Gaming or any subsidiary of Tsogo Sun Holdings Limited may not participate in the programme.


  1. Point and cash value on The Marco Polo Rewards loyalty programme cards are not transferable between cards can only be used at the gaming devices of The Marco Polo Rewards.
  2. Points are valid for 12 months from first date of issue, after which period they expire. Unused points older than 12 months will be forfeited.
  3. The accumulation of points by other persons on behalf of the registered cardholder is expressly prohibited and is grounds for termination of programme participation and forfeiture of points and benefits.

Rewards and Special Offers

  1. Qualifying criteria for offers and benefits of the programme shall be commensurate with the activity status of the cardholder.
  2. Rewards, offers and benefits may not be used in conjunction with offers and benefits of unrelated Reward Programmes, unless approved by the relevant entity in writing.
  3. Partner reward programmes which may be linked to the programme operate independently, subject to their own terms and conditions. The Marco Polo shall not be liable for any loss (including loss of income), injury, death and/or damages of any nature whatsoever and howsoever arising, including negligence on the part of The Marco Polo, The Marco Polo Rewards loyalty programme or Tsogo Sun Gaming, which may occur as the result of the use of any products, goods or services offered by third parties or third party partner programmes.

Rewards Earned

  1. Rewards can only be earned as a result of playing Electronic Bingo Terminals (EBT’s) using the Rewards card.
  2. The required number of points must be earned over a specific period in order to qualify for each reward, as communicated in SMS and email communication.
  3. Rewards are restricted to the periods and offering as advertised. The reward is neither transferable nor shall it be replaced if it is lost or stolen.
  4. Rewards cannot be redeemed for anything other than what the reward relates to and no change will be given.
  5. A minimum of 24-hours shall pass from the time of the reward being earned and the time that it becomes available for redemption. The reward will be available for collection at the Kiosk within the dates specified in the communication of the offer.
  6. All other standard gaming Rewards Programme terms and conditions apply in addition to the above.
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